Legend of Zelda Shadow Beast




In Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, shadow beasts come in groups of at least three. They fall from a warp portal from the sky and create twilight barriers forcing you to kill them. If you leave one alive, it can resurrect the others which can be annoying. They move so slowly that they are almost never a threat. When you kill them, they create a warp portal that you can use to travel to other warp portals.

The beasts have hair-like appendages behind their masks making this the obvious challenge of the model. I used several bird bases collapsed into the top quarter of the model. Unfortunately this led to more points (five to be exact) on the top while only a measly three on he bottom.

The top five points are thinner than the bottom ones because they come from the edge of the paper while the bottom ones come from the middle of the paper. I think it is possible to thin the lower three and I have created a crease pattern for it but I have not attempted to make it yet.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.


Origami Lycan wolf form Version 2 Attempt 2






Just a remake of Lycan’s wolf form. I used printer paper this time and it turned out much neater. Unfortunately when I tried to unfold it to make a crease pattern, I accidentally ripped some of the paper in the rear legs. At least I got pictures of it.

Folded form a single square sheet of printer paper.