Always have a plan. That is a machine pistol if things get a little too close.


I always wanted to make an origami archer. Then I thought, “Why not a sniper?”. They take up about the same amount of paper (one hand included the barrel, the other included the scope and stock which was a tradeoff for a bow and arrow). It is more natural for a sniper to be wearing a hood so the head was easy.

There are fingers and with better paper and pictures, the product would actually look like a sniper but I had to lock the rifle together and I didn’t want to fiddle with it too much after that so here it is.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.


Zombie torso (refold)



IMG_0322 Sword this time

IMG_0323Check out that rib cage with only four ribs!


Given the last one I made was pretty screwed up, I wanted to make a refold without rips. This version has teeth, better ribs, clawed hands, and a sword instead of an ax stuck in its back.

Folded from a single square sheet of uncut binder paper.

Zombie torso




IMG_0315Don’t step on that trap or you’ll get an ax in your back.


I made this cool base but couldn’t decide on how to shape it. I saw one of the flaps could make hands and it kinda just folded itself. The backside is ribs and intestines. Unfortunately, I ripped some of the top layers in the middle. The hands and head are all from separate flaps.

Folded from a single square sheet of uncut binder paper.