Plants vs. Zombies Snapdragon

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The model was inspired by the new Plants vs. Zombies heroes game which featured the snapdragon as a playable card. The snapdragon was one of my favorite plants in Plants vs Zombies 2 because he always seemed so calm and “chill”.

The model underwent several revisions and this is the fourth version I am most happy with. I initially attempted to make teeth for the bottom jaw but those were lost in the second revision in favor or larger wings and an easier to shape head. The snapdragon’s head looks different from other origami dragons and I came to the conclusion that it was because of his vertical head featuring eyes on the front rather than sides. I attempted to recreate this by shaping the many layers in the front and then pulling layers to form eyes. I am not the best at shaping so the head looks more like an oriental dragon than the one depicted in the game but I think the overall shape is evident and most of the anatomical features are present. My favorite feature is the wings. In Plants vs. Zombies 2 the wings are not present until it is boosted with plant food but in Plants vs. Zombies heroes they are there when it is planted. The original version had must smaller wings but the ones in subsequent versions have much larger wings, fulfilling the snapdragon’s wish in the description in PvZ2.

Better pictures and a colored version will hopefully come upon my return home.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.

For reference.


Hearthstone Hex Frog

Hex, in Hearthstone, is a spell for the shaman class which transforms a minion into a 0/1 frog with taunt for 3 mana. It is one of the best removal spells as it permanently changes a potentially powerful minion into a nonthreatening amphibian.

I wanted to make this model for a while as there are not very many easy subjects to capture in Hearthstone and a frog seemed pretty basic. This differs from most other origami frogs as it sits upright just as it is portrayed in the card art.

The design revolves around the eyes. Sometimes when I design models sometimes there is one specific aspect I want to capture and then I design the rest of the model around it with the remaining paper and in this case it was the surprised eyes. If I were to change anything I would try to make the legs slightly longer but overall I am happy with how it turned out.

Finally I couldn’t find the usual camera I use so I tried a different camera and different techniques so hopefully the pictures look slightly better.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.


StarCraft 2 Spine Crawler





The teeth are my favorite part.





There are not as many teeth as the rooted version but the six spikes between the legs are all there.



The spine crawler is a defensive unit for the zerg race in StarCraft 2. It usually remains rooted/burrowed to attack and uses it tentacle to ward off threats. It can uproot itself to re position to a more tactical location.

For the rooted version I modified my giant squid and added teeth to the base. The uprooted version is made from a blintzed bird base with a thinned center point. I have been playing more StarCraft 2 recently and even though I am still garbage at the game the units and characters still intrigue me. Hopefully I will be able to make more origami versions in the future. As always suggestions are welcome!

Both are folded from a single sheet of uncut, square orange printer paper.

For reference

Legend of Zelda Puppet


It’s been a while….

Puppets defend the master sword in the Sacred Grove. They are summoned by the skull kid in groups to defend the sacred grove from intruders and protect the master sword. They are made of wood and can be defeated extremely easily.

The design was fairly obvious, I used a frog base and grafts for the fingers and I got what I wanted withing the first draft.

Folded form a single, square sheet of printer paper