StarCraft 2 Spine Crawler





The teeth are my favorite part.





There are not as many teeth as the rooted version but the six spikes between the legs are all there.



The spine crawler is a defensive unit for the zerg race in StarCraft 2. It usually remains rooted/burrowed to attack and uses it tentacle to ward off threats. It can uproot itself to re position to a more tactical location.

For the rooted version I modified my giant squid and added teeth to the base. The uprooted version is made from a blintzed bird base with a thinned center point. I have been playing more StarCraft 2 recently and even though I am still garbage at the game the units and characters still intrigue me. Hopefully I will be able to make more origami versions in the future. As always suggestions are welcome!

Both are folded from a single sheet of uncut, square orange printer paper.

For reference


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