Tyrannosaurus rexicorn





IMG_0146<-From top to bottom: horn, top jaw, tongue, bottom jaw, left claw

I thought of making a T-rex sometime but there are so many out there that would be superior and I also wanted to make a unicorn but with the same problem soooooo……
Why not combine them????
Unfortunately, my original design did not go so well because instead of the mouth being naturally up and down, I had to swing the layers from the side to serve as the mouth which explains why the pictures look so bad. Otherwise I think the body looks pretty nice.

Made form a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.


Giant squid





Just because I am too lazy to make a full squid. I thought this would be a cool idea so here it is. The whole model is really easy to make and you can probably see how it is made. I added the sailboat (or warship, depending on your perspective) as a nice final touch to make the squid seem even larger.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.

Supreme Commander 2 Pulinsmash


IMG_0133<-Long range artillery in the background.

Pulinsmash with the Long range artillery. (I’m not sure if it’s to scale)


The Illuminate’s special experimental unit. I haven’t really used it much so I only chose this because it looked really easy to make.
For reference (and more information): http://supcom2.wikia.com/wiki/Pulinsmash_Experimental_Mobile_Unit_Magnet

Made from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.

Supreme Commander 2 long range artillery




The UEF version of the long range artillery. Compared to the Cybran counterpart it has slightly longer range at the cost of damage. The design was pretty straight forward so I got this version in one try.
For reference: http://supcom2.wikia.com/wiki/Long_Range_Artillery

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.

Starcraft 2 probe





The resource gatherers of the Protoss race. It might be a little disproportional but I couldn’t find a good picture on the interwebs so I am not even sure it is anatomically correct. Other than that, it came out pretty well for a ten minute fold.

Folded form a square made from the strip of paper that is formed when a square is created from a piece of standard binder paper.