StarCraft 2 Hatchery

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The hatchery is the zerg’s starting building and resource collection center. It can spawn queens and larva and can be upgraded to a lair and then a hive to unlock new units.

The model is folded from a pentagon of which construction I derived myself. Methods I found online did not give me the accuracy I desired so I created my own method. The construction starts from a square and uses triangle properties to approximate the necessary angles. Because the pentagon is derived from a square, this model could technically abide by pure origami rules but I cut off the excess paper as leaving it would have made it difficult to fold and left the model looking lopsided.

The design itself went through only a couple of iterations. The biggest change was making the central five spikes smaller which allowed the outer five to be bigger.

During the final folding process with colored paper, I don’t often make mistakes but after an hour of pre-creasing, I realized I had folded the central five spikes on an incorrect orientation; they would have lined up with the outer five spikes instead of being in between them. Typically I would have started from a new piece of paper but creating a pentagon is a pain in itself so I just continued with the original paper.

Folded from a single pentagonal piece of paper.

Reference from StarCraft Wiki

I’ll post diagrams for the pentagon construction later.


Starcraft 2 Archon

Power Overwhelming…

These powerful Protoss units are created by merging together two high templars, dark templars, or one of each.

I started designing this model from the hood and shoulders. Ironically, the head was the last part to get detailed. I am very happy with how the hands and arms turned out as well as the chest. The bottom part minus the belt also exceeded my expectations.

I have no plans to attempt to create a version with the surrounding energy ball.

Liquipedia entry for reference.

Folded from a single square sheet of printer paper.



This is what I thought of when my mom offered to show me how to fold an origami crane. At the time, I liked construction vehicles and didn’t know of the bird under the same name.

A simple 16×16 grid boxpleat serviced the needs of this model quite nicely and I was able to arrive at this satisfactory version in a single attempt.

Folded from a single square sheet of printer paper.

Gum Wrapper weapons


These are just some weapons I folded over the summer. I don’t think any individual one merits its own post so they are just all clumped together. The sword and scythe are inspired by Terraria’s Breaker Blade and Death Sickle respectively. The assault rifle is most likely inspired by the Payday 2 variety but Counter-Strike is another possibility.


StarCraft 2 Tempest


Image result for starcraft 2 tempestThe only Protoss strategy I can really perform is creating the “Golden Armada” by amassing a huge amount of powerful Protoss ships and defeating your opponent with the most powerful fleet available to all three races. Although mass carriers are usually preferable, mass tempests can also be considered. Their powerful, single target attack can be a strong counter to other fleets and is great for late game siege attacks against structures.

The model itself came very naturally from a fish base which provided the two main prongs. The smaller two flaps allowed me to create the ship’s thrusters and weapon systems.

I have gone through several revisions and am happy with this result. The overall proportions are what I originally imagined and although I could still add a couple extra points as well as a set of thrusters, I believe this iteration captures enough of the essence to be recognizable.

Folded from a single sheet of square paper.

For reference

StarCraft 2 Mothership

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I recently began playing StarCraft 2 again after Blizzard made it free-to-play. Protoss is still my favorite race and brings with it a plethora of units and buildings to create.

The Protoss motherships function as flagships of the Golden Armada and are capable of sustaining Protoss culture and civilization. Its massive scale gets lost in its paper form but the essential features are still there.

The most interesting feature of my model is the triangle I used to create it. The mothership’s three main platforms can be created more conveniently by starting with an equilateral triangle instead of the typical square. I would definitely like experimenting more with other starting shapes, especially the triangle because of the favorable 30 and 60-degree angles.

Even in this brief model, I found that more lines intersected than I expected which is typically a favorable feature in the design phase. Each intersection can be used to create a point and makes collapsing the model easier. 30 and 60-degree angles create more intersections and made designing the model much easier than I expected.

The other feature I am was pleasantly surprised by was the capability of the middle to sty “open”. Usually, maintaining three-dimensional shapes is difficult for near two-dimensional paper. However, the way I created the wing flaps allowed the middle city portion to stay separated which I was expecting to be much more difficult to achieve.

Overall I am happy with the result and would only want to make one out of larger paper to capture its grand scale.

Folded from a single equilateral triangle.

For reference


Another derivative of the binder paper beak I mentioned in the Kiwi Bird post. This design came quickly because of the existing head model and plentiful paper for the rest of the avian form. The proportions are off but I think real life hummingbirds appear to sport similar ratios so it doesn’t look too cartoonishly unnatural.

The kiwi bird’s design wastes a lot of paper and more of it is utilized in this design to form wings and a tail. There is still a lot of wasted paper in this design but not many additional appendages to be added and because I find the existing proportions acceptable I will probably not spend more time optimizing the size of the existing feet and tail.

Folded from a single uncut sheet of square printer paper.