Man of Steel World Engine


The world engines in Man of Steel are Kryptonian spaceships used to transform other planets to match the environment to Krypton’s. This makes it easier for Kryptonians to colonize foreign planets and extend their empire.

I folded this model from an equilateral triangle (I know it’s not pure, sue me) as the three legs came naturally from each point on the triangle. The legs end up really thin which is why they aren’t straight. Working with a triangle was interesting and I might try it more in the future. I know David Brill has a great horse made from a triangle and you can find diagrams online if you want to try it.

Folded from a single, uncut equilateral triangle.

For reference


Guardians of the Galaxy Groot



If you look closely, it’s a happy face.



I recently got to see Guardians of the Galaxy and quickly found that Groot, a humanoid tree thingy was ridiculously overpowered. He possessed inhuman strength, could regenerate and grow his limbs at will, had infinite stamina, and could even illuminate areas with these firefly thingies. Being the coolest character from the film, I naturally (get it?) tried to make an origami version. The only shortcoming, I would say, would be the arms which are too short. Oh well, he can grow them out.

For reference:

Flood infected alien






The flood has somehow invaded the world of aliens and predators. I am pretty sure the aliens and predators are doomed. I based this off of Fernando Gilgado’s alien from Papiroflexia mágica. I added the spores on the neck and the tentacles replacing the right hand/arm.
For reference
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Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.

Davy Jones




From Pirates of the Caribbean.
I thought of a good way to make his hand with a point split (resulting in 4 points) and then adding his tentacle finger with a remaining point. After making a successful prototype hand, I made a graft onto a 32×32 grid and this is what I came up with. I also really like the cape but one downside is that he is really fat because I didn’t lock any layers.

Folded from a single sheet of uncut, square binder paper