Gorilla (Harambe)

I managed to design and fold this in one school day. This is the second iteration of the model as the first got crumpled in my pocket while I was walking around school. Luckily this one survived the rest of the school day so I could post it.

I think I am most proud of the face. I don’t usually include details in the same caliber as a face but I thought it turned out alright and was a good challenge as a designer. The larger forehead makes it look younger and the eyes look slightly malignant; perhaps it is a wild gorilla rather than one in a zoo.

This model was inspired by Harambe, the gorilla which was shot and killed in the Cincinnati zoo. I am ashamed to say it was more inspired by the memes than the gorilla itself but I am trying to create more natural animals and a gorilla seemed appropriate given recent events. Consider it a tribute of sorts.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.


Baby pteranodon


This design originally came from the tweaking the one piece ninja star I made. The base is from thirds so it is difficult to avoid color changing somewhere. I thought the body would look better colored than the head and more of it would be colored overall so I went with that.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut origami paper.

Man of Steel World Engine


The world engines in Man of Steel are Kryptonian spaceships used to transform other planets to match the environment to Krypton’s. This makes it easier for Kryptonians to colonize foreign planets and extend their empire.

I folded this model from an equilateral triangle (I know it’s not pure, sue me) as the three legs came naturally from each point on the triangle. The legs end up really thin which is why they aren’t straight. Working with a triangle was interesting and I might try it more in the future. I know David Brill has a great horse made from a triangle and you can find diagrams online if you want to try it.

Folded from a single, uncut equilateral triangle.

For reference

StarCraft 2 Spine Crawler





The teeth are my favorite part.





There are not as many teeth as the rooted version but the six spikes between the legs are all there.



The spine crawler is a defensive unit for the zerg race in StarCraft 2. It usually remains rooted/burrowed to attack and uses it tentacle to ward off threats. It can uproot itself to re position to a more tactical location.

For the rooted version I modified my giant squid and added teeth to the base. The uprooted version is made from a blintzed bird base with a thinned center point. I have been playing more StarCraft 2 recently and even though I am still garbage at the game the units and characters still intrigue me. Hopefully I will be able to make more origami versions in the future. As always suggestions are welcome!

Both are folded from a single sheet of uncut, square orange printer paper.

For reference





No one inside


This model was inspired by the “can you spot the sniper” memes which feature a near-invisible, camouflaged sniper in nature. The blob can be seen either as a tent or as a ghillie suit/camouflage.

The gun sports a bipod which is the most complex part of the model but no scope which I may try to integrate in a later version. I couldn’t find  a way to lock the model on the bottom so I used a piece of tape to keep it shut but I imagine wet-folding could produce similar results.

Folded from a single, uncut sheet of square printer paper. I tried to find colored paper as it shows up better than white in pictures. I couldn’t find any green handy so I used old schoolwork so I guess it’s good for something….