Rick and Morty Cthulhu

I can’t remember how I discovered Rick and Morty but the whimsical nature of the show intrigued me and the vast range of characters presented themselves as fun design challenges. The Cthulhu appears in the show’s opening scene but has yet to be featured in its own episode.

I initially believed this would be an easy design as the Cthulhu from Rick and Morty doesn’t have any legs which would make the bottom half very simple. Adding to this cockiness was the fact that I had already designed a Cthulhu before and believed that I would be able to make simple modifications to reach the desired outcome.

As I began to design the head, I realized I was sorely mistaken. The details in the head were more difficult than I had anticipated and the tail and wings evidently suffered in size as a result. The fingers were also smaller than I would have liked and they took on a very improvisational form when I attempted to create a grid outside the 22.5 degree base.

Overall I am happy with the result considering the ad-libbed appendages because the head turned out much better than I was hoping for. All six eyes are present and the overall shape was brought into being by coincidence in my attempts to create the eyes. I might make another attempt at this model with a different base but for now, I am pleased with the result.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.



I made this model over the summer and I guess I didn’t get a chance to post it despite how proud of it I was. I fabricated the entire model in my head and it worked perfectly the first time I tried to fold it. It’s only merit is being extraordinarily easy to fold as there is almost no definition of the body and no tail at all. It looks more like a giraffe but it has a horn so it is obviously a unicorn. The horn could easily be modified to be ears or ossicones (those horn like appendages on their heads) but I think the simplicity of the model is better than a more complex graft with a very simple body.

Folded from a single sheet of uncut, square printer paper.

T-Rexicorn V2



The arm is even shorter as the upper parts of it are connected to the head /neck and cannot move freely.


I had another go at making a Tyrannosaurus Rex unicorn hybrid and I went with a more simplistic approach, cutting the toes and fingers in favor of a more exaggerated head and body. I like the more cartoonish proportions especially considering the subject matter.

Folded from single square of uncut printer paper.



Origami giraffes are difficult because of  neck and legs and the amount of paper that needs to be dedicated to in order to achieve such proportions. I made a first draft of the head, attempted to graft a body on, then modified the head after several revisions of the body. Overall, I think it is one of the more polished models overall and I am happy with the result.

Made from one sheet of square, uncut printer paper (for each girafficorn)

Crease pattern (pdf)