Dota 2 Nyx assassin




Stupid camera wouldn’t focus of the head/mouth.

People like origami bugs and I wanted Dota 2 origami. Nyx assassin is the obvious solution. I had extra paper of the back so I tried to make Nyx assassin’s dagon (a cosmetic item you can get within game) but it just made it look bulky and fat. Other that that, everything went pretty well in the model.

For reference:                                                                                                                               Normal:

With dagon: 

Folded from a single sheet of square printer paper.


Guardians of the Galaxy Groot



If you look closely, it’s a happy face.



I recently got to see Guardians of the Galaxy and quickly found that Groot, a humanoid tree thingy was ridiculously overpowered. He possessed inhuman strength, could regenerate and grow his limbs at will, had infinite stamina, and could even illuminate areas with these firefly thingies. Being the coolest character from the film, I naturally (get it?) tried to make an origami version. The only shortcoming, I would say, would be the arms which are too short. Oh well, he can grow them out.

For reference: