2015-12-18 16.01.24

2015-12-18 16.02.46

2015-12-18 16.02.19

This was one of the first animals I tried to “unicornify” because it’s basically a snake with flippers (I might make a snakeicorn but that would be kinda lame). I went through a surprising amount of revisions considering how simple a plesiosaur is.

Made from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.




Origami giraffes are difficult because of  neck and legs and the amount of paper that needs to be dedicated to in order to achieve such proportions. I made a first draft of the head, attempted to graft a body on, then modified the head after several revisions of the body. Overall, I think it is one of the more polished models overall and I am happy with the result.

Made from one sheet of square, uncut printer paper (for each girafficorn)

Crease pattern (pdf)