Some More Gorillas

For some reason, I keep on coming back to the gorillas a design topic. I think it is the inverted proportions that intrigue me; the large hands and arms and shorter legs much different than other animals.

The latter two designs were spawned from experiments in bases instead of a direct attempt to make a gorilla. They use the same design for the face which was originally based on the first model. I much prefer the current model of face to the older one but I didn’t want to unfold the old one for the picture so it stands out in that regard.

The shortest one started from the feet which were formed from the middle of the paper. This led to much excess paper but it also allowed me to get a detailed head and chest which I am happy with. I found the small size comedic but it made it difficult to photograph.

The newest model was also the result of a design experiment. I began with a fish base and attempted to make something more complex from it. It is overall my favorite although the pointy head is a bit strange.

All models were each folded from a single sheet of uncut, square printer paper.


Gorilla (Harambe)

I managed to design and fold this in one school day. This is the second iteration of the model as the first got crumpled in my pocket while I was walking around school. Luckily this one survived the rest of the school day so I could post it.

I think I am most proud of the face. I don’t usually include details in the same caliber as a face but I thought it turned out alright and was a good challenge as a designer. The larger forehead makes it look younger and the eyes look slightly malignant; perhaps it is a wild gorilla rather than one in a zoo.

This model was inspired by Harambe, the gorilla which was shot and killed in the Cincinnati zoo. I am ashamed to say it was more inspired by the memes than the gorilla itself but I am trying to create more natural animals and a gorilla seemed appropriate given recent events. Consider it a tribute of sorts.

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut printer paper.