Pretty lame isn’t it… just for adding stuff in the “Minecraft” section. Since they are just blocks, making different sized waterbombs make pretty nice generic blocks.

Folded from
Large: One square sheet of uncut, square binder paper.

Mediums: One quarter the size of one square sheet of uncut binder paper.

Smalls: A square made from the strip of paper you get when you make a square out of binder paper.


Flying creeper





Based of the creeper in Minecraft.
Originally, it was just supposed to be a creeper but I had too much extra paper so I thought adding wings would make it even more deadly.


“What’s that Steve?”

“I dunno Steve 2, it sounds like a creeper but I don’t see one.”

“Okay Steve, I think were safe except for that shadow that looks a lot like a creeper. It getting really big and OMG IT’S A FLYING CREE……”

*insert explosion noise here*

Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.