Halo spartan laser





The infamous spartan laser. It’s hard to use but the payout in damage is unmatched. Mainly used against vehicles, it is still good against infantry targets. This version I made is not quite anatomically correct and is how I perceived it in-game rather than through finding additional resources online.
For reference: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/M6_Grindell/Galilean_Nonlinear_Rifle

Folded from a single uncut square made from the strip of paper created when you make a square with binder paper.


Halo wraith


IMG_0020<-Stupid grunts D:



One of the most feared vehicles on the battlefield, the wraith excels in firepower and uses its heavy plasma shells to obliterate its targets from a distance. Ironically, I think I have died from the turret gunner more often that the cannon. That point near the middle is in fact a grunt gunner (even though it’s only a point).


Folded from a single sheet of square, uncut binder paper.

Halo plasma rifle


Standard issue to elites, a very common weapon on the battlefield that rivals the UNSC’s assault rifle, and deadly in the right hands (now in paper!)
The fins on the back are pretty disproportional but other than that, it is pretty accurate to the real deal.


Folded from a single uncut square made from the strip you get when you make a square with binder paper.

Elite ranger

IMG_0278 IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0282

Another thing from Halo. Its a ranger because I couldn’t get the split jaw and making a helmet is easier than making 4 separate points and a head. Has an plasma rifle and energy sword but unfortunately, the wrong number of fingers. D:


Folded from a single square sheet of uncut binder paper.